Get started in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Complete the Checklist
Complete and submit the HGBP Checklist. The Checklist is a questionnaire assessing your business’s green attributes and practices. The Checklist helps businesses move beyond compliance and can act as a list of suggestions for improvement along with providing resources to help reach the highest levels of sustainability.Infographic showing Step 1: Fill out a Checklist. Step 2: Participate in Site Visit. Step 3: Be Recognized.

Submit electronically to Gail Suzuki-Jones


Step 2: Participate in Site Visit
Depending on the results from your Checklist, a Site Visit may be scheduled. Working in coordination with DBEDT and DOH, an auditor will contact and work with your business to verify your responses to your Checklist with an in-person Site Visit.

Step 3: Get Recognized
After all steps are completed applicants will be eligible for recognition as a Hawaii Green Business by the Governor at the State Capitol.  Businesses are then encouraged to display the Hawaii Green Business Program logo, promote networking opportunities, public relations, and most importantly to increase public awareness. Members may post the HGBP logo and re-enroll to receive HGBP recognition time and time again as they continue to improve.