HGBP 10-Entry Level

Get certified for meeting 10 basic green actions!

The State of Hawai‘i is recognizing and promoting significant sustainability efforts through the HGBP. The HGBP is a great way for businesses to market, advertise, and increase their competitive advantage, while enhancing their overall efficiency. However, HGBP understands the challenges associated with implementing sustainable practices in a small business and event-related environment. In an effort to make the program more accessible, the HGBP is implementing a 10-Entry Level process to help move small businesses and events toward building more sustainable business practices and events.

Complete the Checklist
Complete and submit the HGBP 10-Entry Level Checklist. The Checklist is a questionnaire assessing your business’ or event’s green attributes and practices. The Checklist helps businesses move beyond compliance, and provides recommendations, along with useful resources to reach higher levels of sustainability.

For all sectors, provide pictures and documentation for each point via email. For events, document as much as possible during the planning process and before the event, as the day/s of the event are hectic and it is often difficult to get information from suppliers and vendors. This will make the certification process easier for all involved.

Submit Checklist and Documentation electronically to [email protected]

Get Recognized
After the checklist and documentation have been reviewed, assessed and approved, qualified participants will be invited to the annual Hawai‘i Green Business Program Recognition Ceremony, which will be held in the spring, at the Hawaii State Capitol.

Following the recognition ceremony, businesses and events are encouraged to display the Hawai‘i Green Business Program (HGBP) logo on-site or online to promote their participation in the program, and most importantly – to increase public awareness.

Maintain Recognition
HGBP 10-Entry Level recognition is valid for one year.  Re-apply by completing and submitting the
10-Entry Level Checklist electronically to [email protected]

Taking it to the next step!

After being recognized as a HGBP 10-Entry Level participant, businesses and events could consider completing the appropriate HGBP Checklist as a natural next step in the process. Please see the “Apply” tab and contact [email protected] for more information.